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There’s been a lot of talk about what’s going on and how triggered people feel.  Many of my clients have found it incredibly challenging.  A standard response can be well it’s Christmas what do you expect?  There’s so much to do etc.  And yet that is habitual, sloppy thinking.  For example I had a session with a client yesterday who has sold her house and is moving next week!  That feels like high stress to me and yet she’s managing it very well.

Matt Kahn, a best selling author and spiritual teacher, really seems to get what’s happening at this time.  He wrote: The Universe often refers to this time each year as the 12-12 gateway during which time, high vibrational photon energy enters the atmosphere from the central sun to further activate dormant DNA strands.

Sounds great doesn’t it?  It allows for the expansion of all the wonderful Divine qualities you have been cultivating such as love, peace and compassion.  This is raising your levels of consciousness.

A lesser known fact is that this energy burst also highlights your core wounds magnifying them so that you cannot help but be aware of them.  This enables you to reflect on them and possibly find resolution.

Have you found yourself getting worked up and angry about stuff that does not phase you normally? 

The explanation above can give you another lens to examine what’s going on.  The truth is the discomfort allows you to dive inside and probe to find the gift nestling underneath. Reflecting while it is all still raw helps you to own what’s yours rather than projecting it onto others.

An emotion only lasts for 30 seconds and then you have a choice

That’s a direct quote from Jenifer Hill, a healthcare leadership coach.  Take it in for a moment and notice what it gives you. It sent one healer who read it into a spasm of denial.  What it’s suggesting to me is that if the feeling lasts for longer than 30 seconds, chances are you have gone into a victim or martyr pattern.

What I see with my clients is that they find it hard to articulate what they are feeling.  They recognise a degree of discomfort; more than that they may not have the emotional literacy to name the feeling. And even fewer choose to sit with the feeling to see what else is there….

Imagine a ball of wool that the cat got at and its all messed up and knotted.  That is how entangled your emotions can become so it feels impossible to unravel all that.

A common response is projection. What one notices here is that in a subtle or not so subtle way the other party is at fault.  How often have you found yourself saying to your partner “If you hadn’t shouted at me/ done abc then I wouldn’t have done xyz.  If this happens you are denying your own part in what happened.

Only today I was party to that and I had to take time to breathe and accept what was happening without reacting.  Tough when there was a part of me that wanted to go on the attack.  Doing nothing is incredibly difficult.  And yet that pause can allow the other person the space to notice their own blind spot.  And of course all of this depends on our level of awareness.

We are all on the consciousness continuum as I call it; and all in different places along that line!  So how can you compensate for that?  What helped me when I got into a funk this week were Byron Katie’s words When I argue with reality, I lose – but only 100% of the time.

We cannot change what has happened; and yet we can choose how we see it.  So often these triggers are a gift; an opportunity to recognise that part of you you haven’t been able to accept yet.  If you could now embrace it and love it what an amazing Christmas gift that would be.

Why are you getting triggered?
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