Talking to quite a few of my clients over the last week I have become increasingly aware of the presence of a very challenging energy right now.  Does it feel like more than a month of the new year has passed already for you?  Have you experienced feelings of overwhelm recently? If you have, you are not alone so relax the energy just wants to rise up through you.

What does all this mean?

You could have been tuning into the frequencies of my new programme Awaken to more joy and wisdom which started this week and featured the yellow bottle pictured. Yellow represents the mental plane and its energy can be frenetic in a way that makes your head feel fried! I love these words from Richard Rudd to explain the mental:

We have been trained to think of thoughts and thinking as originating in our brain, but what if our brain is simply the machinery that processes information drawn in from the quantum field? This means that thoughts may also exist as frequencies or energy signatures that live in another dimension.

Consider for a moment what is happening in the world..

With all that has been happening, consciously or unconsciously we have experienced a number of shocks recently.  As we come to the end of the year of the Rat we see chaos all around us. Trump supporters are refusing to accept the outcome of the US election and wreaking havoc in the capital; some even forced their way into the Senate armed. Here in the UK we are dealing with the ramifications of Brexit.  There is now a border between the UK and Northern Ireland and the unification of Ireland seems increasingly likely. If Nicola Sturgeon gets her referendum and Scotland ends up leaving Britain and becoming a satellite state within the EU then the United Kingdom will cease to exist in its current form. The likelihood of that happening in the next five years is high.

Why is all this happening?

We are living through a time of unprecedented change because we are in a time of transition to a new way of being.  At a macro level we have moved from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

What astrologers are referring to when they coin this phrase is  a phenomenon that refers to the earth’s movement backward (or in “retrograde” motion) into the sign of Aquarius. Each age lasts about 2000 years and we cannot precisely pinpoint when the move occurs so here’s what to look out for.  We are moving from a more introspective time in our history to a more social one.

How is this showing up in business?

In business terms we are seeing lots of coaches and other entrepreneurs setting up communities and you will hear the sirens’ song calling us all to collaborate.  In commerce a term that is becoming more frequent is co-opetition, a form of co-operative competition.  For me the essence of this new Age is summed up in the term collective transcendence.

What can you do?

One client wrote and told me how she had so over stretched herself before Christmas she nearly burnt out so she has decided that she will have no evening commitments going forwards and only work a four day week.  She probably feels that she’s addressed the issues.

Setting new rules will not protect us from feeling overwhelmed because that’s dealing with the symptom rather than the root cause.  A factor to consider here is our innate human desire to compete that comes from our sense of separateness.  To a degree this comes from a lack of trust in life that sits at the core of most human beings.

The promise of “the sun” bottle

Being aware of all these aspects means you will be less likely to fall down a rabbit hole.  And the next step is to let go and let God.  We control nothing and as you surrender into that knowledge, you may even become comfortable enough to acknowledge that you don’t know.  In this way you sidestep the ego trap that this bottle is laying for you and open yourself to JoY. After all most respond positively to feeling the sun on our face.  So what’s it to be another helping of fear or is it time to have some fun?

How are you feeling about the current level of chaos?
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