When reflecting on why we find it so hard to love each other, four colours came to me.  I share them in the following video.  It felt important to share because they were also the main colours in the two collages I made when connecting with my core.  The initial three colours are blue, indigo and pink and there is a fourth which I mention that in some ways holds the key to this question and that is coral.

Coral reminds us that we are both whole and wounded.  The journey of life is about recognising our wholeness whilst tending to the wounds that we have experienced either in this lifetime or previously so that we can come into mastery.

Another part of the challenge is that as you feel you are mastering something, it is quite likely you will be tested to see how much you have mastered unconditional love. John the Disciple is said to have sat on a bench as an old man mumbling and people approached him and became enlightened.  They finally worked out what he was saying.  All he said over and over again was “Love each other, love each other.”

One of the reasons that love can be so difficult to give or receive is if you have abandonment issues.  Then at critical moments you are likely to say and do things that will push others away.  As the saying goes when we need love the most is when we deserve it the least.  One of the biggest tests we will face many times in our lifetime is whether we can keep our hearts open after we have been hurt.  What we tend to do is close our hearts and withdraw as a way of protecting ourselves. That is a temporary fix and if we want to heal, we need the connection to the Divine so that we can see beyond what is happening in front of us.  Then we can hold onto the bigger picture rather than get sucked into the pain. This is not easy and I feel the combination of the three spritzers below can help with that.  To find out more do watch the video.

Why is love so hard?
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