Life has rather a surreal quality at the moment even for those of us who are used to working from home.  It is wonderful to be part of a family but having to negotiate around who gets which space in the house to work/ study or play can be a logistical nightmare. And then of course there is the perennial challenge of how best to support the other generations be that helping the elders get used to zoom; or checking that the kids are not spending 8 hours a day every day on electronics!  Having teens does mean that they can manage themselves but in some cases it is quite a feat getting them out of their bed!

Green is prevalent as rest & renewal is key at the moment

Talking to clients over the last week I am aware that there are two different energies emerging.  For some this is represented by Green.  Green comes up when you feel as if your space is being invaded and you need to have clearer boundaries.  If you have younger children who cannot do the school work that’s been set by distant learning without supervision, you may need space to breathe and make sense of what’s happening for yourself.  And on the flip side because every day is like groundhog day, setting clear boundaries so the weekend feels different from the week is also vital.

In a wider sense it is a very Green time because we are being invited to stop so we can reflect.  It is as if we are gestating in the cocoon of becoming.  Taking time out by yourself to consider the underlying patterns of change and what they mean for you, will enable you to see more clearly the opportunities this reset can bring.  Embracing the stillness will lead to greater creativity as well as being restorative and allowing some much needed privacy. I spent at least two hours in my hammock today.

So far there’s been a hope that the lockdown will only be in place for a few weeks.  People have quoted the quick recovery in China as an example of how things may turn out in Europe, the US and elsewhere. Slowly it is dawning on people that this is likely to go on for 2 to 3 months at least; possibly the whole of 2020 in some format.

Long term lockdown

How does that make you feel?  It takes a crisis to see what people are really like. Personally it was only last weekend that I stopped and spent a day tackling the garden; and another day cleaning out the garage and the shed.  I have had some clients and peers espousing the “we need to remain positive mantra.”  And yet you can only truly appreciate the opportunities if you have allowed yourself to connect to the collective overwhelm.  If you have Green in your colour blueprint DNA you may find yourself flooded with emotions from time to time.

Pink & Red could be the antidote you need

What’s the antidote to that?  It may well be the complementary to Green which is Red or Pink (Red with the light shone through).  I have never had such a flurry of Red bottle sales including requests for spritzers like Red Dragon, Red Angel and Pink Angel.  Psychologically it makes sense because at these times when survival fears are running high, there is a desire to connect to nurturing often associated with the maternal as a way to connect to love. This explains clients’ requests for Ancient Mother and Venus both bottles with Pink in them.

There’s been a lot of discussion about keeping safe by staying inside.  What some need is to feel grounded and to surround themselves with creature comforts.  One figure I saw showed that the purchase of alcohol was 55% higher in the third week of March in the US compared to the same week last year.  I bet we would find similar stats in the UK. Many are rewarding themselves with such treats as a way to get through the enforced isolation.

Mars, the Red bottle that I have seen the most sales in, represents the masculine and the need for taking direct action.  And yes this is doing, a complete contrast to the being nature of Green.  This contradictory drive is present because people are in different places.  For some clients choosing Mars has been about reconnecting to the mother energies to build a better, healthier relationship with Mum or aspects related to that such as money and abundance.  For others it is part of their search to reclaim their masculinity and their drive.  For example it may show up as being the call to action needed to really start building a more stable, prosperous foundation for their business.

As you read through these responses to the current lockdown, where do you find yourself gravitating too? For me we need space to be so that we end up in a place of informed doing which is how I make sense of the contradictory nature of these current energies.   I would love to hear your comments so do send me your thoughts by email.

Colour helps us understand the different ways people are responding to the lockdown
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