For when a child is born, the mother is reborn also ~ Gilbert Parker

What do you think of Mothers’ Day? I actually find it a challenging time not because of the blatant commercialism rather it’s due to the fact that my mother is not my best friend.  We had a very challenging relationship whilst I was growing up which is much better now and was the prime motivator for me becoming a seeker and ending up on the spiritual path.  I had to make sense of what I went through.  Whether or not you have children, we all have a Mum – that’s how we got here.

I wanted to talk about this not because it is Mother’s Day next Sunday here in the UK rather I noticed that during March I have sold lots of pink bottles and spritzers.  I am paying attention to what that means and thought you might find it helpful to discover for yourself.

Being in the pink

When you are “in the pink” you are in good health and good spirits so it follows that at its most positive working with Pink brings abundance and love.  Who wouldn’t sign up for that?  And as spiritual beings with the potential to co-create our reality, we should all be swimming in it.  If we look around us that doesn’t appear to be the case.  There is still a huge amount of fear, often quite low level like interference and at times unconscious.  We have to look deeper to understand it.

Signs to notice

When I shared this photo on social media recently, many played along choosing their favourite spritzer or bottle but a few said that they had no affinity to any of the bottles.  It is worth noting that when you are repelled by a colour there’s something to explore here.  For years I would tell people that I was not a pink girl.  I found it sugary and sickly in a way.  

This is because at that time I had not come to terms with the feminine within.  When I was a child it was not safe to be in my feminine so I developed a tough outer shell to protect myself. We often come to pink when we are ready to come to terms with the females in our lives and our femininity.

Pink offers an opportunity

Pink allows you to reflect on how you were mothered.  How safe did you feel?  How much could you open your heart to your own mother?  And what you experienced will probably influence how you mother others and how well you mother yourself.

And this brings us to the quintessential element that Pink addresses – issues with receiving.  One of my clients recently suddenly became a single parent a few years back.  She made sure that her children were supported through this dramatic transition and neglected to look after her own needs for a long period of time.  

Often those working with Pink are real givers to others: the challenge comes in the form of issues with receiving. When we are in the pink we are wonderfully open, ready and willing to receive.  We know we are deserving of all the blessings that the Universe wants to bestow on us.  If you cannot embrace and accept yourself, you will unwittingly start turning your back on abundance and love and may even go as far to allow your inner wounded child to run the show. And life can feel tough because in this place, you can stop the money from flowing – this is the way that adults punish themselves.  With no money or limited funds, the activities you can do in society can become severely limited and this can impact your feeling of connection and amplify your sense of feeling a victim.

What’s the way through?

Even if you had a tough start in life, you can still nurture yourself. Over the last few months I have been looking at my health.  I want to make sure that I am fit as I go into old age so I have hired a PT who I see every three weeks and he helps me to increase my fitness. I have also started researching foods and recipes that support women going through the menopause.  And I have started sharing some of those in my newsletters.

Obviously those aspects are externally focused. Working with a Pink bottle or spritzer will help you also to let go of your little self, the one whose voice is never heard and whose needs are rarely met so you can embrace instead the healthy, vibrant inner child who claims her ability to be loved along side her ability to love others.

Finally I would invite you to do the following exercise either in meditation or in life.  Take yourself to your castle and look yourself in the mirror.  See what you see, you may be any age (past, present or future) and say I love you over and over again for 5 minutes.  Notice how easy you find that and what happens when you practise that regularly.

Results from my experiment with Pink Angel

For the past three weeks I have been working with the essence Pink Angel and I have noticed my heart opening more and more.  In a couple of meditations I was aware of some beings in support of me working on my heart.  And then over the last week quite a bit of money has flowed to me. And at least half a dozen clients have purchased pink/ rose pink bottles and spritzers.  And all this is also because Love is so needed in our world right now. 

Lastly always respect, acknowledge and welcome (RAW) what is here.  I am forever grateful to my mum because having a difficult start provided the grit I needed to explore what life is about.  It led to me doing the most rewarding work ever.  Instead of worrying, anticipating and regretting (WAR) what has happened, work with RAW by knowing that whatever happens in your world is for your soul’s expansion.  This perspective will make it much easier to be with whatever shows up. 

When I qualified as a Reiki level two practitioner back in 2005 I got a message spoken out loud which was that I would come into my power when I became a mum.  I found it hard to believe back then because I had already experienced a miscarriage and had no real desire to become a mother and yet now I feel the truth of those words.  Miracles happen when we get out of our own way. Whether or not you are a mother, learning how to nurture yourself is a vital element on the path to spiritual maturity. It’s why I offer an in-person retreat twice a year. My next is on 9-10 April 2022 so get in touch if you would like to participate in my rainbow retreat. Right now I am offering a Mothers’ Day special – buy one space and get a second half price for your daughter/ mother/ a friend.

How abundant do you feel?
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