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No matter what the state of society or the times, each of us can contribute to peace in our immediate environment and assisting each other in daily life – the family & local community are key starting points…. the people know each other, they are more likely to help and assist each other. This is where peace begins.
Daisaku Ikeda

Holograms as the above image shows are like a fractal, a complete pattern within a larger pattern. They can be both non physical energy and physical matter.  As Gregg Braden explains the cells in your body are holographic in nature.  One of your cells is whole and complete and contains all that it requires to replicate you.  And that cell is just part of a bigger pattern that’s called your body.

Consciousness works in a similar way. We are each individualised expressions of unity consciousness.  What that means is that any place you make a change in the hologram that change is mirrored throughout the whole.  This is what Daisaku Ikeda understood when writing that each of us can contribute to peace in our immediate environment.  Simply by encouraging one young person and enabling them to tap into their potential, you are changing the pattern within the hologram.

This is very important because it is the sense of powerlessness that we can feel in times like now that leads to violence. And it helps to explain why when you choose love and peace, you are not only healing your own patterns, you are impacting up and down the ancestral line.  In fact the impact is felt within the collective consciousness.

And there’s more, each time someone chooses a new way to respond to the challenges of life that person becomes a living bridge for all the others.  This is an example of what Gregg Braden refers to as collective resonance.  And in choosing a new way, a new template is created which makes it easier for others to follow that particular path.  Now let’s apply it to what we are seeing unfold in our world at the moment.

The numerology of recent turning points in the world

Look what we see when we look at the numerology around world war I, world war II and the Invasion of the Ukraine.

The date World War I started: 28/07/1914 

28+7+19+14 = 68

The date World War II started: 01/09/1939

1+9+19+39 = 68

The date the invasion of Ukraine started: 24/02/2022

24+2+20+22 = 68

68 in the Colour Mirrors system is G17, the Elohim. What do you make of that? Can we trust this and look at it as a higher plan that is working perfectly? What are we supposed to do with this information? As Melissie the founder of Colour Mirrors said every thing in Colour Mirrors has shown many times over that the plan works. And she asks Can we stretch our consciousness again and try and see that this once again is a plan that is workinglike every other plan, FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD! Can we stretch that far? 

If we return to the idea of the hologram, if you make one change by removing one tip on the edge of the pattern that is then mirrored throughout the whole.  This helps also to explain why Colour Mirrors has the neame it does because colour helps you to access more consciousness and as you integrate that understanding within your being it is mirrored throughout the whole.

What is being asked of us right now?

We have just come out of two Metal years according to the ancient Chinese Taoist tradition.  One of the aspects of metal is that it wants to simplify life.  If we over simplify things then we end up with increased polarisation something we have been witnessing in recent times.  It’s important to step back and take a longer view.  I have always been an advocate of Braudel’s theory of longue durée when looking at history.  It’s much easier to see the patterns without succumbing to the emotional drama of what’s unfolding.

We are being asked to step out of judgement, not to choose sides or to demand retribution which is a common response today. Some suggest it was retribution that sowed the seeds that led to rise of National Socialism in Germany after the first world war.  If only one person chooses a higher path, it is easier for those that come after them.  Even more than that we are asked to honour the polarity, the hate, the judgement and the warfare that brought us to this moment as that is what will heal that pathway.  

Everything that has happened to us and in our world has brought us to this moment of awareness.  And every choice we make has an impact on the whole.  In this year of the water tiger, we are being asked to heal and to forgive at the micro and the macro level.  This is what the new paradigm is about because it grants each of us the opportunity to move through the gateway; and as more and more people make that choice it becomes easier and easier for those that remain.  

Lastly reflect on this, some consider that compassion is the oldest science in existence.  In 2015 Penny Spikins of York University found a skull of an early human that is over 1.5 million years old which suggests that humans practised compassion before they could even speak.

There is only one of us here
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