Too much challenge and stress can lead to overwhelm so what’s the answer? Read on to get my take on it….

You know that if life is running smoothly then you can feel in flow and yet in a nano second all that can change and you can feel overwhelmed by what lies in front of you. One of the traps of living solely in the 3D is that you can believe that everything you are experiencing is the truth. This is one of the reasons why meditation is part of my daily practice and I often do more than one. You are more than your five senses of – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. In fact you are a multi-sensory human. In a discussion with colleagues recently we went further by saying that colour is the sixth element.

By that we were acknowledging that colour can help you lift the veil and see beyond the third dimensional reality. It can help you access pure consciousness and to build your intuitive muscle. A new client recently commented on this saying it both filled her with hope and scared her. This is in part because our ego does not want to let go of control and so will do whatever it can to retain it. Let me go deeper by sharing some of my recent learnings with you…

Discernment is everything

Fear comes when you go into your head and in that space it is impossible to let the love in. It comes because for a moment or longer you have stopped trusting the Divine. Whatever it is that you want to create in your own life is not happening fast enough and so perhaps you try and force it to happen especially if like me you have a strong will!

What would it be like to have no expectation? So much freer and a lot less pressure. I ran myself ragged recently in an attempt to pull together a half day introduction to colour course after a new contact asked me if it was possible. Initially it seemed to be coming together but each time I thought I had overcome a challenge, another one appeared. The final straw was when the original person who had asked me to bring a group together dropped out because it was not shaping up the way they had hoped!

I took a step back and explored the whole experience. I realised I was pushing myself to the point of exhaustion and that the whole process had become joyless. It was time to surrender to what was and let go. It’s not easy to do that sometimes especially as an entrepreneur and if you are in the start up phase of your business when you are always concerned about where your income is going to come from. I am very grateful to be in a place where there are a number of strands to the way I make my money so there is less of a struggle; and yet I can still fall into one of the key traps of the water tiger year – the inability to let go when something is clearly not meant to be.

I explored this very conundrum with my mentor and what I learnt was that whilst being tenacious can be a good thing as an entrepreneur it can mean that life becomes very intense at times and I fall out of flow. I realised I needed to lighten up and out of this inability to get that half day workshop off the ground, I received a couple of gifts.

First gift

I have a lot of will because I have a very strong masculine energy and yet underneath that drive there’s another softer part of me yearning to come through which you could call my feminine. It was saying to me there’s a way to create desire without selling. People want to have fun, to be distracted from the every day mundanity of life.

With that realisation I decided to run a coffee and cake morning with a side of colour. Something lifted inside of me and I found myself looking forward to it. I saw exactly how to do it. I found a date and two people have offered to make cake for the day which is lovely. And who knows where that will go and if nothing else it will be an opportunity for laughter and connection – things that are often in short supply.

Gift number two

As a result of cancelling the workshop I ended up having an unexpected day to myself. I gifted myself two hours with my mentor which was incredible as I started to unravel more of my story so that I can be in my heart even more of the time, which was beautiful. And as if that was not enough I experienced something really special. I got to have lunch with someone who is becoming a very precious friend. It filled me up in ways I did not expect and both of us could not believe how quickly the time went. I took him to my favourite vegan restaurant which is also extremely colourful. In that space of beingness I met someone who I instantly connected with and whom in other circumstance I would never have met. A true example of how if we get out of our own way, the magic happens.

The meaning of all this

In conclusion you are never out of the universal flow so if your work is drying up or you feel stress or overwhelm, what is the Divine wanting you to see? You can only serve others to the extent that you are open to receiving yourself. Pink is the colour of abundance and when we are “in the pink” then we are open to all sorts of opportunities. The underbelly of this is that if your giving and receiving are out of balance that will affect the love quotient. Pink is asking you to release your little self, the one who is never heard and whose needs are never met and to embrace instead your healthy, vibrant inner child who claims her ability to be loved along with her ability to love others. So notice what happens when you hold your purpose lightly and see 2022 as a year when you can start experimenting and sowing a few seeds. How does that feel? This is one of the ways of dealing with fear and my latest video based on chapter 8 of our book club book suggests some further tips. And if this resonates feel free to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Is overcoming challenges what gives life meaning?
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