It really feels as if there has been a shift and we are starting to come out of this cocoon energetically and on the 3D plane.  Speaking to friends they are arranging to see people this weekend.  This is wonderful and the mood has been helped by incredibly hot, sunny weather here in the UK.  Further evidence came through my recent appearance on Rocking ur Teens webinar, in a poll nearly 60% of 13-15 year olds want to go back to school so they can see their friends.

Take your time to enjoy this shift in energy. However note that recent reports from South Korea suggest that they have had to close schools again.  If we rush back into busyness then we will be right back where we started.  This is another example of the paradox that we hold in Yellow which represents both fear and joy, in that we are experiencing the joy of greater freedom; and there’s an underlying fear that it won’t last.

Yellow also represents mental energy and systems thinking.  Often leaders I work with that have Yellow in their field have a greater desire for structure and an impatience to understand how colour works.  The advantage to this incredible capacity to think is that those demonstrating the positive aspects of Yellow tend to be curious and ask questions because they love ideas and what to understand more.

Yellow is the colour I tend to recommend to clients with more overt feminine energy as they can have quite scattered energy.  In such situations Yellow will bring them clarity and focus.  This is also a helpful attribute for young people who are preparing for exams.  Something I explore more about in my guest article for Rocking ur Teens.

How can there be such complexity in a colour? In that way colour represents life.  Leaders are multifaceted which is why when we developed colours as a way to explain leadership style, we came up with 20 combinations to deal with the subtlety you find in human beings.  I realise all this can be a real mind bender if you are someone who craves certainty. What we are being asked is to drop the predisposition we have to being dualistic in nature.

Here’s an exercise you can try that can help you with that.  What happens when you stop talking about things being right or wrong and say it is what it is? Another way of seeing this is to move from having black and white with shades of grey to having shades of colour.

I am starting to explore the apparent contradictions and the range of different colours in my new YouTube playlist – what kind of leader are you?  And you guessed it, I explore the complex nature of Yellow leaders first.  Have a watch and if you like it or have any questions, do drop me a line as I would love to hear from you.


The thinker without a paradox is like a lover without feeling: a paltry mediocrity
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