Going through a client’s colour DNA blueprint enables me to see where their blocks are.  Josia Nakash invited me to share her colour DNA blueprint with you so that you could get a sense of the power of this work.  I am delighted to share my experience of Josia Nakash as it gives you a clear example of how quickly colour can cut through surface info to what really matters; often subconscious patterns that are buried deep.  As you can see Josia’s colour pattern consists of Green, Turquoise and Coral.  Unusually all the bottles are the same colour in each fraction as you can see from the photo.

I help leaders who are really good at what they do and have lots going on to find their sweet spot.  It was such fun to work with Josia because she is incredibly intelligent and a great communicator and yet open to new things which makes for a fabulous combination.  At the end of our time together she said to me that she had not expected healing when going into our session. As my Sufi coach says be open and willing to be surprised and you will receive so much.

What can we see in the colour DNA blueprint?

Mercury is the name of the Green bottle and having this in her colour DNA blueprint shows that Josia is a great communicator so it’s no surprise that she works in marketing and taken with her second bottle (the Turquoise one) we can see why she is so good at it.  You need to be creative to be good at marketing.  And this is what that bottle represents but for the creative juices to flow Josia needs to carve out regular chunks of time alone otherwise she could burn out.  And this is where we see her first challenge.

Josia is a giver.  She loves supporting other people and so is often busy.  If she’s not careful that can turn to resentment especially if there’s little return on her investment of time.  All she wants is to receive love back but sometimes that doesn’t come and then she can flip into her red shadow side and be consumed by frustration and anger at the perceived lack.  Whereas in fact what she really needs to do is spend more time getting clear on her boundaries.  Without that time alone she will get overwhelmed by others’ needs and emotions because she has so much empathy for humanity.

The combination of Green and Turquoise also shows that she recognises the importance of continuing to build the “we society” by supporting collaborative ventures like humans first, which is how the two of us met originally.  Of course no colour is dualistic in nature but as human beings we often are so we look at the positive and negative in each colour.

What we see with the Turquoise and Coral combination here is someone who takes on too much responsibility! She’s a great doer and yet that could be her downfall as a leader in that others won’t step up because they know Josia will volunteer to do it so they sit back and wait for that to play out.  The Coral also represents her fragility so she has had a tendency to get sick at times.  This is because she is a strong female with an overt masculine energy.  It has not felt safe to be in her feminine and share her vulnerable side. The stretch for her is to embody her feminine and soften even more and then she will be really powerful.  Also Coral reveals her deep sensitivity which is often hidden in the public arena.  She needs to show that more and express her feelings otherwise she could become very ill.

When we look at the combination together.  We see that her biggest challenge is being her whole self. She still hides what she considers the less acceptable parts of herself behind a mask.  Deep down there is still a belief she holds that she’s not good enough and it has served her until now.  By not valuing all her gifts as a leader she has driven herself to work harder to prove that she really is as good as anyone else out there.

To finish I just want to add one more thing that gives you a sense of how incredible this work is.  As I was picking out the three bottles that represent her colour DNA blueprint, I asked her what her favourite colour was.  She said an amber or brown.  Take a look at this last bottle.  This represents who she is in her essence.  She gets her power from being out in nature.  Her daily one hour walk is vital for her health because it fills her with earth energy.  This bottle is called Earth Wisdom and is yet further evidence that her purpose here is to wake people up to a higher level of consciousness.  I see her doing that by working with nature and using Shamanic practices as revealed in her colour DNA blueprint (Turquoise and Coral together).  To be fully in her power she needs to be grounded by the Earth and to keep getting that connection every day.

If you find this fascinating and want to understand what’s stopping you from being in your sweet spot then get in touch and let’s talk.  If you work with me for six sessions, I guarantee you and those you love will see a massive transformation.

Earth wisdom: the colours of a skilled and sensitive communicator
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