Today I was supposed to be running the third of four workshop for coaches, counsellors and holistic therapists that want to dive deeper into their practice.  Instead I am offering it online – adaptability is a key watch word in the times we currently find ourselves in especially if you like me are a small business owner.

What we see being processed are a lot of red issues – principally separation from lack of connection, judgement on others’ behaviour in these times which like it or not stem from fear or anger; if you find yourself in that place take a bit of time to look at what lies beneath the surface feeling.  Whatever your belief by that person that they know best.  The reality is that none of us know for certain what’s happening. 

One of the things I have been really aware of is the rush by so many to get online and start pushing out lots of offers. At times it has sent me into overwhelm and then I remember to be gentle to myself and to have compassion for all these others.  They are responding to their panic and fear about how to survive in this new normal.

As I sat with all that I felt what I wanted to do was offer you a list of things that have helped me during the last week:


  1. External structure leads to a daily rhythm – practical/ physical

Life is like a Mobius strip in that whatever’s happening in your external reality affects how you feel on the inside and vice versa.  We are a family of four here and like many are all quite different.  And yet we all start the day with Joe Wicks’ live workout via youtube streaming from the TV.  After a week of it I am hobbling as I am not used to such a regular work out.  One of my new goals is to get fitter during this time and living in the country means that I also manage to get a walk in most days.

These regular breaks are very important as you can only focus intensely for 90 minutes at a time.  To help you create daily flow in your day consider this model of time, developed eons ago in India. Each 24-hour cycle is divided into 6 sections of time. Looking at this cycle I know I need to get to bed earlier.  What about at you?

6:00 am – 10:00 am: This is a time when your energy can be slow to get going, but once it does, it’s very steady and you can accomplish a great deal. This is a great time to do some movement to get your energy flowing and to accomplish more challenging tasks. I meditate first thing when I awake and then do PE with Joe.

10:00 am – 2:00 pm: During this time, we’re on fire. It’s time to be creative, active, and inspiring. It’s also a time to eat. Let this time be when you have your largest meal and enjoy creating it.

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm: This is a time to settle down and devote ourselves to learning. Listening to music, podcasts or reading is a great use of this time. Stay warm and cozy and don’t push too hard. Be receptive.

6:00 pm -10:00 pm: This is time to enjoy the company of whoever you are with, share thoughts and experiences, and show how much you care. Enjoy a light meal and drink warm tea. The natural energy of this time invites us to relax and move towards our resting phase.

10:00 pm – 2:00 am: Now your liver is processing. It’s ideal to be asleep. But if you’re still awake, you might get a second wind, a new creative insight. Many artists, creative folk, and teenagers love the productivity of this time. If this is your natural cycle, embrace it. However, if you tend to get rundown during the day, try to be asleep now.

2:00 am – 6:00 am: This is a time for dreams and being in the subtle realms. This is really important for our health. The veil between the worlds is thinnest at this time and many spiritual seekers spend some of this time in meditation.


  1. A time for learning – mental

What have you put off in the past because you felt there was not enough time to get into it?  Perhaps this is the time to get into gardening or creating a veg patch.  One of my friends is getting her kids to dig out the garden every afternoon.  I have always been interested in permaculture as I feel we are deeply connected to the land and every decision we make about the way we eat and shop has an impact on nature powerfully addressed by Julia Roberts in this 2 min video.

I am looking into this homebased course suggested by a gardener I know locally.  Check it out for yourself.  And take your time over this or whatever you are considering.  Is this the right time for you to take on this project?  Will it fill the needs of your heart?

On a separate note I have read a brilliant HBR article by a BCG consultant who analysed what has been happening in China which is more advanced with regard to responding to Covid-19.  Those that have come out best in this crisis were the ones that adapted more quickly.  They didn’t make staff redundant they gave them other jobs – from selling/ increasing awareness of the company & its products using social media to sorting out neglected internal processes.  For small businesses like mine this can be translated to areas like revamping your website or reviewing your systems that prop up your business.  I have just changed my payment system so I can set up a payment plan for all new customers and existing ones. A process that makes it easier for everyone.


  1. Move from your mind to your heart space emotional/ spiritual

My spiritual teacher wrote very powerfully about this and here’s my take on it.  Lockdown is forcing us all to slow down and stop the busyness.  So we can just be.

How do you feel when you cannot connect with anyone outside your home? What behaviours does that generate? Can you take a moment just to be with your feelings and accept them.  Remembering that whatever you give out has an energetic frequency and will likely as not come back to you.

These are very challenging times.  I started an online CM practitioner training course this week and two of the people that wanted to do the training dropped out.  This is due in both cases to a loss of financial security.  Such changes like losing the whole of your business can be terrifying unless….

You build a strong spiritual muscle that is equal to your physical strength.  I have no idea where I will be at the end of lockdown but I do know I am held by the Divine and supported.  When I felt a strong feeling of grief earlier in the week I did not push it down or ignore it.  I sat with it and I asked myself in my spiritual practice is there space here for love too?  I felt myself being filled with Divine love.

What happens when you sit quietly with yourself?  Do nothing for 10-15 minutes. Try it, find your sacred space inside or outside in some sunshine if you can and sit quietly. Stop talking and listen with the ear of your heart. This is the most incredible gift the Universe is forcing us to do. Stop! Do nothing because you cannot do anything. Stop and be still. Be still and know God.  As I write this I can hear the birds singing more loudly than ever before.

Just be still. Just be.  And if your mind needs a practice to help it quieten then as my lovely yin yoga teacher Claire would say breathe in saying I am here now and breathe out saying letting go.

As you consider these elements that relate to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual what do you notice in yourself?  Do share with me as I would love to hear from you.

Keeping grounded in lockdown
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