40. Transcendence


There comes a time when staying in the nest no longer serves your higher purpose and a leap of faith is needed in order to fly. This bottle is the gentlest push out of that comfort zone so you may soar the skies of limitless potential. The soft vanilla energy cuts any cords that still cause your body to go into resistance of what is, in reality, inevitable.  Embrace your destiny, which is only ever the spiritual blueprint your soul had planned for you eons ago. You have arrived at the edge of the past, and everything and everyone that no longer serves you is being transmuted to allow you to transcend and be the brightest light on the planet.

This next level is about rewards being showered upon you in recognition of the many initiations you successfully completed to arrive at this moment in time where you are consciously in a state of love. Here you transcend into peace, and can feel only the perfection of you and your world.