42. Diamond Unicorn


This essence is an astonishing burst of light. You might think a diamond would be hard and sharp, but this level of light never needs to be harsh. Feel how it wraps you in the warmest, softest embrace. It can be this gentle because nothing can threaten it. When your power is this vast you do not need to defend yourself against anything. This essence is a godsend if you are in the middle of a power struggle. When you see with the clarity and purity of diamond perception, you realise that power battles and aggressive behaviour are only ever responses to feeling small. This essence reminds you that the only answer is love and compassion – for yourself and others. The Diamond Unicorn is so pure and clear that nothing negative can exist in its light. Because it is so gentle, it goes into all the places where you usually do not let anything in. It brings healing to everything in yourself that you have been too scared to face. In its embrace you can relax, let go and find the true and tender light that has always been hidden within. Like a diamond this light is indestructible, and once you experience it, you can never forget that this is who you truly are.