71. G20 – Abode of Bliss


The delicate colours of this bottle help remove old energies of persecution and sibling rivalry, bringing in an awakening that is like the newest spring rebirth you could possibly imagine. The ‘Abode of Bliss’ is the meeting point of head and heart, spirit and matter, human and Divine. This bottle represents the enlightened heart of humanity, where every human heart connects with every other human heart and the heart of the planet. It asks you to keep your feet firmly planted on the earth, while also recognising that you are a vast Divine being – so much more than your body or your mind. As you embrace the fullness of who you are and walk that energy around the planet, you change the planet. Tap into the bliss at the heart of Gaia and spread that light wherever you go. This is the time for the awakening of humanity and the creation of a blissful new earth.